Website Design Process

My website designing process comprises of some systematic procedures.

  1. Identify the target audiences for your website and comparing to your competitors.
  2. Develop a persona
  3. Conduct usability studies based on user patterns that have been studied
  4. Survey the nature of your business,clients and competitors.
  5. Define the structure of the website being developed.
  6. Sketch Wireframes and overall layout of website
  7. Design wireframes and or prototypes in Axure or Omnigraffle

Once I have client approval on the initial design concept of the website, I continue designing and developing the website – at this stage I will be executing page content, forms, database integration or any other desired website functionality. My clients have the opportunity to review the entire design process as I develop and design their site. Only once the client is satisfied with the entire appearance of the design will I upload the website to the client’s domain, making it “live” for the World Wide Web to see. Not only designing, I also redesign I offer effective solutions towards revamping a web site that may currently be successful. things to ask siri Certainly there are times when we feel our content is still valuable but the way we are communicating our idea can be effectively improved by just rethinking the design, layout, and target audience.


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