Concept Mobile Designs


Tillster (Snapfinger) has had CPK as a client and on its legacy ordering platform. I worked with the Creative Director to come up with solutions that would take the brand to a more attractive level. CPK has been going through several rounds of re-branding over the last year. I was the UI/UX designer that came up with ordering solutions for a responsive desktop ordering platform. These designs were used as sales pitches to excite CPK of the possibilities that our new ordering platform featured, coming up with a deck of designs quickly to match their branding changes. Currently the new ordering website is in development.


CPK is increasing and expanding its presence continuously. The company strives to stay involved with community outreach and fundraising activities. From fundraisers, to birthday parties, to donating to local charities, CPK aims to promote positive change.[2] Furthermore, in the past few years CPK has introduced a new beverage lineup and a line of pizzas and menu items that are available in supermarkets.[5] People can now search recipes from the menu to cook at home, or buy CPK branded items in a supermarket.


  • UI/UX Design – Desktop Ordering
  • Mobile & Desktop Concepts – Sales Pitches
  • Wireframing Mobile Ordering
  • Art Direction