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Bob Evans

Tillster (Snapfinger) has had Bob Evans as a client and on its legacy ordering platform. I needed to come up with solutions that would take the brand to a more attractive level on our ordering platform.  These designs were used as sales pitches to excite Bob Evans of the possibilities that our new ordering platform featured, coming up with a deck of designs quickly to match their branding changes. Currently the new ordering website is in development. These designs were created in less than a day, as our sales team needed designs quickly discuss the future with the client. I presented my designs with the CMO, CEO and Creative Director to the client, they were ecstatic to see the solutions I created as well as taking their branding to a much cleaner ordering flow.


The Bob Evans Restaurant chain started from a single truck stop diner near the Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande, Ohio in 1946. The chain has grown to nearly 570 locations in 23 states, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, and upper Southern states. All locations are corporately owned, not franchised.

The restaurant chain started up after Bob Evans began slaughtering and packaging his own sausage for his diner. Truck drivers and other patrons began telling him that his sausage was superior.


  • UI/UX Design – Desktop Ordering
  • Desktop Concepts – Sales Pitches