Concept to Launch

Executing all user experiences & visual design stages from concept to  launch of product. Developing innovative products by creating project documentation for various platforms and iterations of product, coupled with detailed style guides,  information architecture & other design specifications.

Creative Interfaces

Building and analyzing user interfaces, creating on-brand design solutions that meet measurable business goals and requirements that support the exchange of information between application’s users. Creating workflow diagrams, UX visions, UI specifications, wireframes, interactive demos and prototypes.

User-Centered Designs

By considering market analysis, customer feedback, and usability findings creating user experiences for multi-platform website-building software (web, mobile and social). Leading the project to ensure interaction experiences are kept consistent throughout the design process, integrating the UX research to create studies to test to further refine the product

Simply A Beautiful Experience

About Me

Passionate about taking on big design challenges and creating powerful logic and complex interactions while keeping the product simple. Wire Framing and using rapid prototyping tools are part of my daily routines, executing top notch pixel perfect user interfaces. Taking product from requirements to prototypes to high fidelity designs to helping the product through development.

I enjoy working with the client and having a hands on approach to creating robust applications for the web as well as mobile smart phone devices and touch screen devices such as kiosks. Having front-end development experience I have the ability to insure quality product and work with development through deployment and iterations of the product.

Enthusiastic and creative with experience in innovative marketing ideas as well as advertising campaigns. I am accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments within budget requirements.

Specialties: UI/UX Design & Development, Responsive Web Design, Kiosk Design (touch screen), Wire Framing, Rapid Prototyping, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, CSS3, CSS, Photoshop, Interactive Media Design & Development, Branding, SEO, SEM, SMO, Video Editing, Motion Graphics

  • Crafted with love

    Design market leading, robust user experiences by considering market analysis, customer feedback, and usability findings for global and well-renowned brands leveraging web, mobile, digital signage, kiosk, and, other client/user focused mediums. Web design is no longer just about making stuff look good, but has undergone a radical change from being just about aesthetics to being a strategic tool to improve business. Successful design is aligned with the business. Successful design metrics are aligned with business metrics.

  • Optimization

    Optimize through a data-driven approach that thinks of design as a logic problem where the best solution is found relying on data and tests of every design choice made. When optimizing, we rely on data and tests as our instruments for deciding upon what is the best design.

  • All about details

    Creating and maintaining UX style guides while adhering to customer branding guidelines, visual asset creation and delivery with best practices and standards giving  solid product documentation for various platforms and iterations of product, coupled with detailed style guides & other design specifications

  • Keep it simple

    The best interfaces are almost invisible to the user. They avoid unnecessary elements and are clear in the language they use on labels and in messaging. Interface design is a subtle art. Refined, seasoned graphic design skills are needed to create truly world class application interfaces.